Many studies show that the population of our world will continue to increase and life expectation is rising. Obviously this calls for appropriate infrastructures, medical requirements, and greater need for transport, food and drinking water.

All this translates at Sioen into a growing focus on developing and producing technical textiles for tents, buildings, insulation, trucks, wagons and guardrails. For water storage and transport (water tanks), basins, covers and technical reinforcement textiles. In technical protective clothing for agriculture & horticulture, the medical world and the food industry.

Some examples:

Transport: Creating added value

The transport sector is traditionally one of Sioen Industries’ major markets. Our current range consists of technical textiles and complexers for trailer and wagon curtains, roofs and tarpaulins. We also produce protective clothing for, amongst others, major transport companies. We wish to strengthen and further extend our global leadership position here. We do this by developing, producing and marketing high added value products (for our customers and ourselves). The themes of the future in the transport sector are: - lightweight - safety - environmentally friendly.

We are aligning our R&D fully on these three themes. We are integrating intelligent anti-theft systems for truck and trailer curtains in general. We are developing anti-vandalism solutions for trailer and truck curtains and roofs in addition to our existing lines. We are also developing systems for keeping truck roofs ice-free. We are improving truck roof reinforcement materials. Load security also plays a very important role, calling for roof and curtain strengthening systems and inherent load security solutions.

Construction: Creating added value

Themes of the future are: - Noise Insulation. - Thermal insulation using advanced sandwich panels having a heat transfer resistance 6x better than traditional mineral wool. - Aesthetic sound and thermal insulating lightweight roofs. - In addition, we refine our products for roofing, for reinforcing plasterboard panels and other separation materials, for wall covering and insulation.

For the past several years a (r)evolution has been taking place in the traditional building sector. Old materials are making way for new, lighter and yet solid alternatives. Under the heading ‘Textile Architecture’ we already produce technical textiles for tents, tension structures and semi-permanent buildings and enclosures. Here too we are a major global player searching to reinforce our market position. By giving our products a new impetus and by integrating various functions, we want to further expand our market position and grow into a leading manufacturer of technical textiles for textile architecture.

The themes of the future in coated materials for the building sector are: - durability - safety - energy-friendliness

Again we are aligning our R&D effort fully on these three themes. We are working on integrated features such as light, moving image and plants. We are developing technical textiles that are dirt-repellent and self-cleaning. We are integrating anti-intrusion systems into technical textiles for tents and tensioned structures.

Health: Creating added value

Today we manufacture products for the medical world in the form of technical textiles for mattress covers and protective clothing. Through research and development we want to launch new products with integrated functions such as discoloration at high temperatures. Some examples are: - Bravo excell high durability high resistant mattress covers - Halogen free flame retardant mattress covers - Ag-based antimicrobial drapes & covers.

Food: Creating added value

Our range include: - Food quality coated fabrics - Food quality protective clothing - Nicewear freezerwear for extreme cold protection - Agricultural: pesticide spray protection

As we have already written in the introduction: the need for food will increase. For this reason we are developing technical textiles for the storage and transport of food (flexitanks). For food production, we are also developing technical textiles with high added value: for protecting agricultural machinery, drainage and breeding nets, seed basins, windbreak nets for stabling, and even textile complexes for growing crops. All this is part of the group’s (present and future) product range. Again, our focus is on integrated features and products with high added value.