Ecological footprint

The ecological footprint is the earth surface needed to meet the lifestyle requirements of a person, city, company or country. It shows how much land area is needed for everything we produce and for the waste we leave behind or process.Under this common denominator falls people’s increasing environmental consciousness. Respect for the environment is becoming increasingly part of our everyday life.

This translates at Sioen into ecological products and production. We are not only producing ecologically sound products, but are doing so in an environmentally responsible manner. In concrete terms this means that we make products that are biodegradable, contain no phthalates, and are manufactured with recycled materials. It also includes environmentally friendly production processes in which we reduce waste and emissions to a minimum.Is PVC sustainable yes or no. The answer is of course! It only uses for 50% organic based resources. The impact on greenhouse emissions is only half of that of conventional polymers, and if the plasticizer is biobased, and the polymer is recyclable, what could discourage the future of this unique polymer system?

Ecological products

Here are just some examples of ecological products: Phthalate free - Biodegradable - Plasticizer free PVC - Recycling - Garments made from recycled materials - Recyclable textiles resulting in an almost “cradle to cradle” solution - Reusable garments vs. single use garments - Phthalate free pigments and pastes - Clean inks - Heavy metal free products - REACH compliant and beyond - NF certified

We produce environmentally friendly products such as biodegradable technical textiles, fleeces from recycled polyester and phthalate-free technical textiles for all possible applications. Our range of protective clothing consists solely of reusable clothing, unlike the many disposable items found in the same fields (medical textiles, cleaning overalls, etc.)

Ecological production

We are a virtually waste free company with a pro-active environmental policy. We annualy investment in green energy, recycling and energy savings.

Ecological and sustainable production means for us striving to be a waste-free company. We are conducting a proactive environmental policy and invest annually in green energy (our factory buildings are equipped with solar panels), in recycling and energy conservation. We reuse a lot of raw materials in a continuous production process and are careful to keep emissions to a minimum, going well beyond the minimal legal requirements.