Open innovation

By collaborating with forward-thinking organisations, we are able to challenge the frontiers of knowledge and innovation to provide solutions that drive our growth.

We practice open innovation, and our company collaborates closely with more than 100 partners such as suppliers, customers, universities, think tanks, professional associations and others. The stronger this involvement, the greater the chance of coming up with innovative products often in new markets. This approach calls for a high level of mutual trust because confidential and proprietary information is often involved with a good balance of give and take.

R&D department

In 2017, there were 182 people working in the R&D department. Total R&D expenditures amounted to 9.5 million euros. Activities of the R&D department can be depicted as a spiderweb structure.

All employees

Everyone who works at Sioen contributes to innovation with an ‘everything is possible’ attitude. All divisions, departments and people are interconnected. Always in touch with each other, giving input and feedback. Open and critical, but at the same time always straightforward and to the point.


In addition, we work very closely with our customers. We listen to them; what they want, how they see things and in this way develop new products. We learn from our customers and in turn, they learn from us.

Universities and institutes

Working with universities and think tanks frequently results in innovative solutions. Sioen is an active participant in European (EN)/ International (ISO) standardisation working groups. Revision of standards is a constant drive for product innovation.

Professional associations

We have research and development projects running with professional associations.