King of the road in the USA

22 March, 2019

We are a world market leading producer of coated technical textiles for trucks, vans, containers, tippers and trailers. For further expansion in the USA, we’ve appointed a great team of experts that can boast dozens of years of textile experience. In March, they will be at the MATS (The Mid-America Truck Show) in Louisville, Kentucky.

Sioen textiles for trucks and trailers

Our standard range of technical textiles for truck tarpaulins and side curtains, inflatable containers, railway wagon tarpaulins, flat tarpaulins for vans, asphalt covers and roofs for trucks is unique and covers a vast variety of widths, weights, colors and aspects. In our collection for transportation we offer 23 products in more than 150 colors and a variety of widths all suited for truck and train applications.

One of our fast runners is the 900 g/m² (26.5 oz./s.y.) B6000 panama for side curtains. The panama weave or basket weave interlace groups of 2 yarns of warp and weft so that they form a strong crisscross pattern in a checkered appearance. The yarns used are Siofil 1100 dtex multifilament Polyester yarns, produced in the Sioen spinning mill in Moeskroen, Belgium. The fabric is then coated in one of the groups coating plants, using coloring solutions and varnish produced by the groups Chemicals division.

This integrated value chain guarantees the best quality products and swift development of tailormade technical textiles if the standard range does not reply to the special requirements of our customers.

Textile rooftops and deicing solutions

The roof of a trailer is an important part of the total strength of the superstructure. We have developed a special range of technical textiles for truck roofs. The range consists of regular white half panama polyester fabric coated with PVC and glossy finish. Half Panama is a weaving type, resulting in a sturdy polyester fabric that has been woven with two threads in parallel instead of one. We also have a spark resistant alternative for trailer roofs, the B5003. This is non-standard flame retardant coated aramid fabric, very strong and durable.

Besides the regular solutions for trailer roofs, we also offer a “carapax” reinforced multi-axial textile solution for better safety and reinforcement of the super structure. In addition, our Airtube offers a simple, effective and economic solution to prevent accumulated snow and ice on the roof of the trailer.

Sioen at the MATS

On the homepage of this trade fair, there’s one particular quote that stands out: “Experience is Everything”. With an experience in tarpaulins for trucks and trailers since 1960, at Sioen we concur. The MATS started in the early 1970's they wanted to create the largest and most diversified trucking show in North America. Today, the MATS show welcomes almost 85,000 attendees and more than 1,000 exhibitors.

Over the years, we became the benchmark in the production of textiles for trailers (both rooftops and curtain sides), tippers and containers, we know all the ins- and outs of this particular truck and trailer. Since the early 1960s, we have been specializing in textile solutions for this demanding market. We’ve always done that in close collaboration with the trailer builders, the manufacturers of side curtains and roofs and with the transportation companies. We have been listening carefully to their demands and translating all their requirements into the right textile solution.

Sioen: The Benchmark

With over 110 years of textile tradition, controlling all the steps of the value chain from the extrusion of yarn and fibres, over weaving and needling to coating, we have built up a strong reputation in the word of technical textiles. We focus on high quality textiles for technical applications. Sioen is the world market leader in coated technical textiles, mastering all coating technologies, active in more than 80 countries, employing over 4,500 persons world-wide. All these experiences combined with additional unequalled expertise in the production of fine chemicals, makes Sioen a benchmark in technical textiles.

Visit us from March 28 till the 30th in Louisville on our booth 12234. See you there!