Sioen in blue cluster

30 November, 2016

More recently, Sioen developed innovative textile on which seaweed is cultivated. This is a relatively new form of aquaculture with high potential for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

Those activities are currently being commercialized in the spin-off At Sea Technologies that exploits turnkey seaweed farms. In addition, Sioen plays a leading role in several national and international research projects (e.g. in the VLAIO project AQUA VALUE that set up a roadmap for integrated aquaculture Flanders).

Based on the above background, it is not surprising that Sioen cares about the creation of the Blue Cluster . Sioen is happy to offer its experiences and innovations in the field of marine applications for marine challenges for the coming decades.

Whether it concerns the construction of multifunctional islands or the development of integrated aquaculture, such large-scale projects can only be achieved through an integrated approach.

Sioen is really looking forward to meet these challenges within the multidisciplinary Blue Cluster.